“Kali Ma. Maa Kali. Protector of Women and Children. Protector of the Innocent. Goddess of Wrath. Goddess of Destruction. Goddess of Creation. Goddess of Preservation. Destroyer of Demons.”

Of all the hours and sessions it took me to work on her portrait, I enjoyed most what her presence brought to me. I sat in the quiet. No music. No distractions. No earbuds to drown out my environment. Just the dark witching hour with a small light on nearby, and sounds of the crickets outside coming in through the window. The weather has changed. Autumn is finally here.

Many are leery or downright afraid to work with Kali Ma. Most of the information we find about her pertains to her wrathful side. But there is so much more to her than that. She did embody wrath, yes. But that is because she had reached her breaking point, and was fed up with the carnage she was witnessing. Her creation was literally sprung forth from the need to push back to reset the balance. Her story, or background, or whatever we choose to call it, is expansive and has several far reaching versions to it, all very intricate and fascinating to learn about.

What I have learned about Kali Ma is that she meets us where we are, especially if we are deep in the belly of our shadows. She meets us in our most raw honest vibration. Being a creator Goddess, she will multiply whatever we give her. If we meet her from a place of rage, she will ignite rage and allow that energy to fester, but it can, and often does, backfire for the practitioner. If we meet her from a place of dark magic, then of course she will oblige, but the outcome is never pretty, especially for the practitioner who abuses her power. This kind of working is like a boomerang. And it’s reciprocal. But if we meet her from a place of preservation, with the intention to protect and guard others, or even ourselves, she is willingly dutiful to assist, if she decides the cause is worth her attention. There are times she will say no if she is called upon, especially if the practitioner is unwilling or unable to meet her half way. It’s all about intention when we work with any Patron. But especially for Deities who represent both light and shadow, we have to be careful and contemplative about our workings with them. We have to be willing to receive what we send out, and know that if we are exploitative, we will get our a&$es handed to us. Magic is always about integrity. Miracles can spring forth, or nightmares. It all depends on how we choose to step into her sphere.

©Debbie Edwards

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