Karma, the great equalizer, is making a grand entrance on Sunday October 23rd, 2022 as Saturn goes Direct in the air sign, Aquarius after nearly 5 months in Retrograde status. This happens simultaneously as we enter Scorpio Sun season, and Venus enters Scorpio.

Time has a way of teaching us what other things cannot. Time stretches out before us, giving us pause, reflection, and opportunity for change. Change is what elevates our thinking, and garners us new perspectives through the lens of new experiences. It helps us see truths through other people’s eyes, and gives us opportunities to make wrongs right. The clock of time has reached a pivotal point in our conscious evolution. The sounds of its chimes are ringing through the ethers. It’s calling us to listen, if we are ready to hear what needs to be communicated.

Let’s take a journey together.

Imagine walking up onto the porch of what would appear to be an old abandoned early century house. You notice the broken and fractured window panes from rocks, vandalism, and time. The boards beneath your feet creak and moan from your steps. And withered vines wrap around what’s left of the handsome beams and archways that welcome you home.

Paint along the window trims have flaked off to reveal the weathered wood beneath them; wood that has turned gray, and splintered off into meticulously chewed pulp as a result of an army of carpenter Ants that have laid claim to what once was a glorious lively space. All would appear to have become neglected and left to die in the silence of natures reclamation of its space.

However, not all is as it appears.

The front door opens to you. The house has been waiting for you, for a long, long time. Trepidation creeps in. You aren’t sure if you should go inside but something deep within your being pulls you forward, and almost by some invisible source of automation, you find yourself stepping forward without willing it. You cross the threshold of the entry way, and a subtle rumble from under your feet rattles through your body. An energy barrier has been crossed. You are now in a place you least expected, that is greeting you with the warmest of welcomes.

Once inside, you are met with the soft ambient glow of ornate wall sconce lamps, flickering golden lights from a sweeping crystal chandelier, and a roaring fireplace at the farthest end of the grand entrance. Together, they illuminate a pristinely preserved inner world that was somehow invisible from the outside. There is so much to take in and see! At first it would appear that the richly adorned, intricately carved, mahogany round table with clawfoot legs in front of you would draw your attention. After all, it is decorated with your favorite flowers that give off the most delicate scent, a scent that takes you back in time to one of your favorite childhood memories. But that’s not what draws your attention most. It’s movement out of the corner of your eye that calls to you. You notice what would appear to be a twinkling light of sorts, moving, darting, and flicking about as if it were a fairy dancing in the wind. It captivates your curiosity and you follow it until you find yourself in a room so large, that you cannot take a step inside of it until your eyes pour over every little part of it first.

A library so grand, you’d need a tour guide to navigate it, is now awaiting your exploration. Each and every floor, aisle, and bookshelf in front of you houses all of the memories of your life. They house all of the memories of all of your lifetimes, past, and future related. They are your Akashic records. They are the testimonies of your soul, and the vaults of your most sacred teachings which are now ready for your honest review.

You pause, while deciding where to explore first. That is when you hear the rain outside, pattering against the windows. Thunderclouds have moved in and it’s growing dark outside. But inside, you feel the warmth of sanctuary and life all around you. Perhaps coming from the other wings of the house, you can hear the ghosts of the past playing a beautiful melody on a symphony grand piano. Or maybe, it’s a violin or cello. Or yet, maybe it’s just the wind outside, whistling a song you had long forgotten from a time you can’t quite place. Music moves you from deep within your core, and you realize you know this song intimately well, like from a dream that escapes your conscious awareness. You pause to listen.

Time stops. But the journey is just beginning. Your attention is drawn to a particular book. You spot it out of a million other books, as if it glows just a little bit brighter than the others. So, you decide that is where you will begin. You pluck it from the shelf, and make your way to the oversized studded sofa that hugs the center of the library room. You toss off your shoes, curl up, and bundle up in a sea of your favorite blankets that envelop you. You sink into the stories about yourself you have needed to remember for millennia and you can’t turn away. The story is too good to put down! So you don’t. You let it move you, shake you, and warm you. It’s time now, to see yourself in a new light.

When Saturn goes direct in the sign of Aquarius, we are invited to reflect on the past differently. Not all is what we thought it was. We realize we didn’t exactly have it wrong, but rather, the stories about our lives we told ourselves were simply incomplete. We had lacked perspective. The small little slivers of visceral sensory overload may have lingered, but so much more we didn’t retain still existed in the ethers, in the catalog library of our souls.

In the Air sign of Aquarius, Saturn reminds us that we get to apply our life lessons in new ways. We can be innovative and explorative in solving some of our most pressing quandaries. Sometimes we hang on so tightly to what others have done to us, or the mistakes we have made personally, simply because they lack closure and resolution. Apologizes that were never given, honest admissions in full that were concealed, skeletons that linger inside the closets of shame all hang there in the shadows. They become the booby traps we set for ourselves later in life. And they haunt us like shadow figures that make their way down the dark hallways of the places within us that have received the least amount of healing or attention. They become the poison we drink, when we’re so thirsty for answers we forget how to discern the difference between what’s healthy and what’s harmful. In those moments of instability, we lose direction, and our compass spins in circles. Our due North becomes lost to us; a mile marker so far away that we question whether or not it was ever real in the first place.

Ah, but it was real. It IS real. We just merely…forgot.

It’s time to remember though, to go back in reflection on things that need our attention most so we can heal. We must heal so we don’t bleed on people who didn’t cut us in the first place. This is how we stop the cycles of our own self-inflicted harm that in turn, harms others. This is a first step in breaking generational wounds, and completing long standing karmic cycles that no longer need our lifeforce to keep alive. We no longer have to be the engine to drive forward these outdated dead Karmic cycles. This applies also to freeing ourselves of Karmic connections. We are given an opportunity, finally, to graduate beyond our soul groups, and ascend. We get to sign off on our Karmic contracts, and hold a funeral for the life they once had in our evolution of self. We get to toss them in the fires of creation that will baptize us, so we can release the ashes to the wind.

Saturn in Aquarius has us thinking bigger than we have before about our life cycles. This is a time in which we emerge from the long dormancy of our cocoons and become rebirthed anew. We have transitioned from mushy goo caterpillars into something new with wings. We emerge connected to the greater Matrix of vibration, frequency, and raw energy. We sprout from the roots of Sacred Geometry to become our own unique Fibonacci sequence, and align with our higher consciousness, if we say yes to it, unafraid.

No longer do we have to cross over to the Other Side to have a formal life review. We get to do that now, which is a tremendous blessing.

With Venus in Scorpio, and the Sun shifting into Scorpio, we get to come face to face with our deepest darkest secrets, grudges, trust issues, and Root Chakra red energy. This brings us into alignment with a higher perspective of cause and effect, so that we can come to terms with the pains, injustices, and hurts that have accumulated within us over time. These anchors that have kept us submerged in the mud are being broken off. The chains are falling away. The weight of our grievances is becoming lighter. We are separated from those who wish us ill will and harm. And we are brought into alignment with those who will walk us home in integrity, compassion, strength and unity.

This is a crowning moment in which our soul circles change because we’ve done the work. Karmic connections leave us for good. And new connections come in. We get to start over, and this time, we get to be stronger, happier, and more balanced than we ever have before. We get to become the masters of our domain, and in our mastery, we get to achieve everything we never thought were possible.

Perspective through reflection helps us evolve. And we realize, that we don’t have to do it all alone. We get to do it together. We get to walk each other home, until our time comes to transition. We get to change the world, and leave our mark. We get to reach into the deepest chasm of our being, and decide that it is LOVE that drives us forward, not revenge or hate. It is our love in helping each other and the world around us that makes the difference, so that one day the war can finally be over.

 ©Debbie Edwards

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