In the twilight predawn hours of October 25th, we welcome in the alchemizing energies of the New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse. Into the further we go, exploring what inspires us, anchors, us, brings us to life, and gives us reason to keep going.

Before us stands a threshold in which we are invited to launch from. The portal waits for us to cross through it. The veil separating us from our past and future is as thin as a silken thread, but taut and strong like connective sinew that binds. We embrace cause and effect, and work through the remnants of karmic debris we recently processed before Saturn turned direct the other day.

Something from deep within has been stirring. Dreams have come. Some of them have been nightmarish but mostly, they have been vivid and surreal, all to deliver essential messages we have been asking for. The real question lies in whether or not we’ve been paying attention to what’s been coming through, or if we’ve been dismissing signs as mere phantoms, coincidences, or chance happenings. We’ve asked ourselves how much destiny and fate have played a part in the life we have been living. We’ve wanted to know just how far the rabbit hole goes, and why so much we need to understand has felt too far away to reach up until this point.

The time is now however, to find out what it is our higher consciousness needs us to know because an important choice point has come. Timelines have converged before us, offering glimpses of various future outcomes should we make one decision or another. The key here, is knowing which path ahead serves our highest good the most. Perhaps a bit of doubt has crept, or maybe even confusion. But we keep searching and working to discover the answers because this feels all too familiar. We could swear we’ve done this before, been here before, and known what to do before. Maybe we just need to tip the scales in a different direction and take the plunge. Maybe we’ll get it right this time.

Through the portal of the Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse, we are given access to information that we can apply towards our growth. This is where we experience deep and impactful transmutation, transfiguration, and adaptation. We realize that in order to ascend and grow, we have to be willing to face our fears, regrets, and hostilities. We have to be willing to understand the depths of trust differently, and exercise our cautionary self-protection protocols differently. This is a period in which small adjustments lead to profound change. But that is exactly what we have needed.

With a Scorpio New Moon, we celebrate new opportunities, beginnings, and change. Change serves us best here, because it helps us get out of ruts, and liberate us from feeling stuck. We get to simultaneously release and receive, which doesn’t happen very often, cosmically speaking. A popular saying comes to mind; “Don’t chase. Attract.” That is exactly what we get to do. We get to stand in our full glowing light and exude a vibration of personal empowerment that by its very nature alone, provides a protective shield from unwanted energy vampires, psychic attacks, manipulation, and games from people who use emotional blackmail to disempower others. We get to attract all our heart calls for. We get to attract opportunities that will lead us to fulfillment and happiness. An expedition awaits!

Scorpio is ruled by the Planet Pluto. It represents death, rebirth, transfiguration, destruction, chaos, and transmutation among other things. Pluto will be Squared off with the Sun in Scorpio, which can amplify the energies of people being at war with themselves. This is a time to deconstruct what no longer works, let it die off, and allow new life to be birthed. Some of us may feel a gritty type of vibe floating through the ethers, which could put us on edge. This happens as a reflection, much like a ripple, when something deep within our emotional waters is disturbed. Long ago distant memories that have settled like fine silty mud on the bottom of our inner lakes are becoming stirred up. This could have us swimming in the memories of the past, which could influence us to self-isolate, go within, and need rest. A lot of mental and emotional energy may be exhausted so it’s okay if some of us just need to sleep this off. Rest is just as vital as movement.

What is helpful here, is that the Moon is going to be Trine to Mars in Gemini. We may find ourselves getting triggered, but simultaneously we may find a way through any mire by new problem-solving skills. We may discover something innovative or inventive within our core that can be applied in order to overcome our challenges. A quick wit, fast moving mind, and new treasure trove of ideas helps us conquer any warring energy through a new form of action so it can be transmuted into something liberating. It reminds us that no matter what emotional climate we find ourselves in, it’s how we respond to it that matters.

This is a Solar Eclipse that isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires bravery and gusto from us. Especially, it requires us to carry forward even if we’re afraid or in pain. We’ve done this already so many times that we should be pro’s by now. Life is hard. But we are tough. And we can persevere. This is a moment in which the Universe says, “I’d like to see you walk your talk.” And that’s when a smile creeps in because we know we’ve been training for this all our lives.

The idea here is, no matter what, don’t let yourself get rattled! Don’t let yourself be thrown off center or pulled off your path, not by anything or anyone applying pressure to you. Stand in your power and be brave.

With Venus now in Scorpio too, Conjunct to the Scorpio Sun during this Eclipse, we have no choice but to dig as deep as we can go within ourselves when it comes to matters of the heart. Love is what will guide us forward. And we can either take the higher road, or end up as a hot mess in a dress with smeared mascara, and a missing shoe. Life is messy for sure but we don’t have to let it pull us into drama to sort it all out.

Interestingly, the Sun will be Conjunct to Mercury in Libra as well, and this can help us sort through any complex emotions or thoughts we have by giving us pause to deliberate on what to do next. This is an energy that slows us down and gets us to think things through, rather than acting on impulse. With Mercury together with Mars both in Air signs, they help us communicate all we need to say diplomatically. This can turn into a truly magical opportunity! For those who feel at home in Shadow Work, who dine with their inner Demons and beautiful Angels who rest on both of their shoulders, this should feel easy breezy at this point. We’ve had these kinds of tests before in choosing which side within us we wish to show. We get to see just how much we’ve overcome and learned about our inner temperament, attitude, and ways in which we process emotional pain. Do we project it onto others, or do we use it as a fuel to push us farther into our ascension process? This is part of our Magickal Alchemy. This is part of our inherent growth process.

Trust and honesty will liberate us. Communicating our truth and standing in our power, while exercising self-control will help us step into a vibration of poise and grace. Together we get to help each other, arm in arm, to succeed at becoming the best versions of ourselves we can be.

This week, let’s spend time in ceremony if possible or connect with others in meditation groups. Moving our body and working with mindfulness to keep attention in the present moment helps us shed layers of the past.

Lotus Flowers, Rose of Jericho, Blooming Cactus, and Violets are some of the plants we can work with to connect with our emotional body through Gaia’s gentle touch. No matter how long we spend in the desert walk of our spiritual journey, eventually the rains do come. Eventually our thirst is quenched. This also reminds us to learn how to bloom where we are planted. Sometimes we must be planted in the mud in order to bloom.

Hummingbird, Narwhal, Beluga Whale, Whale Shark, Seahorse, and Swan are some of the animals we can work with to connect to our higher self through Shamanic journeys. Their medicine has much to teach us about grace, gentleness, and honoring our emotional bodies.

Be gentle to yourself, and others. Most importantly, allow yourself to feel. Swim in the waters of you, so you can become baptized by the process of letting go. Surrender. Give it up to Spirit. And know that you don’t have to do it all alone.

©Debbie Edwards

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