Jupiter has moved into the emotional and psychic waters of Pisces and will remain in Pisces until December 20th, 2022. Interestingly, Jupiter will be Retrograde for half of this time, until November 24th, 2022, at which point it will station direct. We will get to experience this Jupiter Piscean influence in both his shadow and light for nearly equal duration each.

Jupiter is a planet of luck, fortune, growth, abundance, expansion, exploration, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. And because we begin this Piscean journey in Retrograde status, we are tasked with the opportunity to dive deeper into the shadow aspects of these attributes to uproot where they are anchored within us. What are our fears, resistances, discouragements, and blockages in relation to our concepts about these attributes? We’ll be thinking big and doing a lot of soul searching during this period.

Retrogrades give us an opportunity to go back and review things so we can make revisions. We may see some folks become inspired to think and feel differently regarding core beliefs. This may surface through topics such as politics, religion, medicine, money, and spirituality. We may discover within ourselves a new concept emerging, or even set of concepts that lead us down new paths of growth. We may discover that we haven’t always had the answers we thought we did, and that the old ways of doing things just aren’t working anymore. We realize that in order to arrive at a different outcome, we have to be willing to do something different to get there.

We may see people broaden their horizons by first addressing the foundations they laid in life prior to this point. This is a time in which family ancestry, history, and long-standing friend group paradigms are reviewed for introspection. Do we believe in something because that’s what our parents or grandparents believed? Are we doing something because that is what they always did? We get to question the why’s, and think bigger. This may lead some of us to move away from a small home town, or take a trip to another country to learn more about other cultures.

We may consider learning about other religious and spiritual ideologies, or shift away from fundamental beliefs altogether. Maybe people with other points of view or opposing perspectives aren’t off the mark or wrong. Maybe there’s truth in what they have to say. Maybe the truth lies beyond everything we’ve ever known.

Once Jupiter goes direct, this is when we’ll have the opportunity to set in motion all of the ideals, beliefs, and considerations we’ve been exploring. This could open us up to a lot of new experiences we didn’t expect to have, which gets us out of our comfort zones.

Pisces is a gentle energy, one of flow, ethereal light, and deep admiration. Pisces is artistic, creative, and colorful. Jupiter in Pisces helps us embrace change while asking us to let loose, dance, sing, draw, and dream. We get to learn, build, and explore new avenues for success too. We may find ourselves suddenly inspired to try out a new career, chase after childhood dreams of exotic places we have always wanted to visit, or explore an educational avenue we hadn’t taken time for before. We may become inspired to go back to college, explore spiritual studies we hadn’t considered before, or join a new study group to learn something different.

Miracles happen in the space of transition. We may not recognize them fully when they happen. But if we pay close enough attention, we’ll see just how far we’ve come from where we once were. If we pause long enough, we’ll see that we are standing in a position we had only dreamed about when we were younger. We have already accomplished a lot of things that were mere blips in our imagination years before. We still have further to go of course. Life is full of promise, and the time has come to see just how far we can go with what inspires our passions and pursuits of happiness.

Dream on beloveds. Success awaits!

©Debbie Edwards

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