Mars, the planet of war, masculinity, action, intensity, survival instincts, and libido, is stationing Retrograde in the sign of Gemini beginning today, October 30th, 2022. Mars moved into the air sign Gemini back in August, and will now spend until next year on January 12th, 2023, in Retrograde status.

It takes two Earth years for Mars to complete its single yearly rotation, which means Mars only goes into Retrograde status once every two years. Mars Retrograde in Gemini can lend quite a contentious energy, but so long as we know the trigger warnings and what to watch out for, we can handle any conflict or unexpected challenge with grace.

Gemini, an air sign, lends quick wit, impulse, rapid-fire action, and unexpected reactions to Mars. In a disciplined state of awareness, this energy can be incredibly empowering! Especially in areas involving language and communication, Mars in Gemini can help us break through blockages, stuck energy, or indecision. It can help us speak our truth, and stand strong in our power. However, in a Retrograde status, this could ignite and trigger the shadow aspects of this energy in which people could become aggressive, emotionally reactive, and act without thinking of consequences. They could become possessive, controlling, and even violent.

The last time Mars was Retrograde, it was in the fire sign Aries, which occurred during the last quarter of the 2020 year. At that time, we dealt with a lot of disappointment and contention on a national and global scale. Many countries and states extended Covid lockdowns. Political, social and economic issues intensified. Fear and uncertainty swam through the ethers. Protests, power plays, and desperation erupted. We lost people whom we loved. We were hit by a lot of surprises, and we did our best to navigate waters of unrest. Many of us chose to withdraw our energy from the things that triggered us most, including the news and social media drama. We learned that the true pathway to peace came as a result of us taking our personal power back, and striving to maintain sovereignty from oppression, coercion, or fear tactics. We knew we had to see through the mirage of agenda-based propaganda if we were going to continue on a life of peace, hope, and resiliency.

Not all of us survived the impact of 2020 and the Mars Retrograde in Aries at that time. But for those of us who are still here, we’ve learned an immense lesson about the bigger picture; we cannot control anything outside of ourselves. But we can control how we act and react to our environment. We know that we are stronger when we stand our ground, and any conflict can be overcome diplomatically. This a time to remember that the pen can be mightier than the sword.

With Mars Retrograde in Gemini, we get to apply the lessons we’ve learned during the latter part of 2020, and make adjustments now that may become necessary. We understand that we faced a lot of uncertainty, but we learned how to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and carry on. There are warriors inside each of us, even if we are holding space for those who go to battle on our behalf. We are strong. We were born for this. We know that we can’t get too comfortable with complacency, because the world needs our energy, intention, and guidance. Our children and their children are becoming the stewards of Mother Gaia, and we need their leadership going forward. They are the ones who will be carrying the flags of humanity.

The key here is to not let anything pull us off course or spin us in circles. We cannot afford to become distracted by petty grievances, grudges, or apathy. There is no time left to swim in a low vibe energy like that. Too much is happening and there is too much at stake for us to get caught up in things that won’t matter or be remembered down the road. We can apply these convictions to our connections, relationships, and people in general. Perhaps we can learn to soften around the edges and not be so judgmental towards others who hold opposing beliefs, core principles, or codes of ethics. It’s time to let go of the little things, because there is a bigger picture that needs our attention.

Making room for gratitude, pause, and laughter will help us through this volatile period. It’s not going to be long lasting anyway; just a few months in duration. We are seasoned by now to withstand a lot of unexpected chaos and fear, and overcome any tendencies to get swept up into the red current.

Some folks do best when entering a state of calm by cocooning themselves. Introverts and sensitive Empaths may retreat and go within until this energy lifts again. We could see people become quiet during the holidays and choose to not go out much. This is a perfect opportunity to read, learn, and explore deeper spiritual and emotional concepts in literature, film, or educational classes.

This is also a perfect time to restructure any personal or professional media projects as well. Perhaps updating branding for that video channel, brand marketing demographics, or acquiring better software and tech equipment that can handle bigger projects or graphics requirements. We can apply the actionable energy of Mars to reframe our campaigns and themes we have been working with. Especially with the help of Gemini, we may discover an even better communication style to get our messages out there so long as we slow down enough to make sure we understand clearly what other people are communicating.

When Mars is Retrograde in Gemini, we may hurry too fast during conversations, or while reading text messages, and end up completely misunderstanding or misinterpreting what is actually being said to us. People are more likely to not listen fully. Some people listen to respond. While other people listen to understand. In this situation, it’s better to read through messages several times before responding, and if something said makes us feel like blasting clapback’s from a soapbox, it’s better we let that aggravation cool off before responding. We can also apply a softer or more playful approach to our communications too. This elevates the mood and lowers the temperature of any sensitive topics we choose to be involved with.

Another way to neutralize any hostility is to seek out sources of healing, retreat, and communion with nature. Perhaps a visit to a hot spring, or rustic camping trip is in order. Even simple gardening, landscaping, or redecorating inside can give us a healthy outlet to channel these energies. We can also redirect our energy towards activities that test our endurance such as long hiking trips, mountain climbing, or strength building exercises. This Martian energy needs expression, which means we will do best if we don’t try to dam it up or block it off. Energy has to go somewhere, so it’s important we give it direction rather than trying to hold it still.

With that said, we may discover younger kiddo’s to be restless and need to move around to feel calm or concentrate on school. Dance, jogging, sports, and fun family activities can help them tap into their limitless resource of energy so a flow can be created. Anything that causes overstimulation or boredom could create some sour moods, anxiety, depression, or feelings of frustration. So, limiting tech like video games, screen time, and texting can help temper some of these emotions.

Adding binaural beats, meditation music, ambient music, or even ambient sounds to a home or workspace can elevate our emotions. They help us access problem solving ideas while working, writing, cooking, or cleaning the house. This can also be used to promote better sleep habits and curb restlessness or racing thoughts during episodes of insomnia. Paying attention to what we eat and drink too, can contribute to a healthier state of mind and physical vitality.

Fire and Air are excellent elements to work with during this period as well. Fire ceremonies, or guided meditations can keep us focused yet grounded.

Excellent crystals to work with are Fire Quartz, Lithium Quartz, Red Jasper, Banded Agate, Carnelian Agate, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Sunstone, Imperial Topaz, Zincite, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Black Mica, Lepidocrocite, Black Amber, Garnet, Pyrite, Bronzite, and Ruby.

Powerful dreams are likely to stream through the ethers as well, inspiring us and calling us to action. We may experience dreams where we are in battle with others, or something ominous that is trying to chase after us we can’t quite pinpoint. Going within to discern what is being shown to us will help.

We must also take care to put attention to self-discipline. Those who are prone to making war with themselves will need balanced perspective. Self-deprecation or self-harm could need intervention. There is no weakness in asking for help, or knowing help is needed. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help us glean a beautiful new perspective. Mistakes are part of life. Swimming in the soup of self-punishment over them doesn’t help anyone.

We are going to be tasked to fix what we broke, even though it may feel like an uphill climb to do so. Apologies go a long way and for many people, apologies are what’s left to offer. It becomes the glue that repairs connections that were fragile to begin with. Even if people cannot make amends, clearing ones conscience breaks through the blockages that hold them back.

There are things in the world we cannot do to effect change if we aim too high and rally against a target too big. But we can effect change on a smaller more personal scale, and together, that is how we grow. That is how we expand our reach. We must work together. Teamwork and partnership will go a long way over the next several months. We may be surprised to learn how may allies we have, and people in our corner who genuinely care about our welfare, who also share the same passion and ethics. Sometimes from the darkest situations, we learn who our guardian angels, friends, and soul family are.

Don’t surrender to the ploys of the media, or listen to those who have become radicalized in their positions. Know who the true enemy is, and most importantly, know what the real enemy is; division, oppression, and tyranny. This is a time to elevate above emotional manipulation and not allow anyone to play games with our hearts or minds.

The world is full of dark hungry things that don’t stop to eat, sleep, or breathe. Their mission is to separate us and destroy our free will.

The world is also full of an immense vibrant light that is intent on illuminating the truth, keeping us aligned with our humanity, and bringing us into accordance with the balance of duality.

Keep the flame lit you brave warriors. Rest if you must. But don’t give up.

©Debbie Edwards

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