Homosapiens, or, human beings, or better yet, homoluminous beings (beings of light), are formed by strands of DNA that are comprised of biophotons of light. Essentially at the core foundation of our existence, we are light body beings; beings of light; Lightworkers. And that light is made up of layers of energy fields both inside and outside the human body. These energy fields pulse in graduated waves of specific frequencies. These frequencies, when banded together, create what is called an energy signature. We each have our own energy signature, like that of a fingerprint, which can be recognized by others on a soul level. This is called Soul Recognition. This is what gives us the ability to recognize someone familiar in a dream even though we cannot see them.

Together sharing and shining our light, we assist in holding position to raise the collective consciousness of Mother Gaia. We are tasked with welcoming in the New Earth but in so doing, we will bear witness to the collapse of the old world. We are alive during this critical transitory phase so that we can teach our children and their children the lessons we’ve learned about the role humanity played in the both the destruction and resurrection of our global home.

We are all interconnected. What I do affects you, and what you do affects me, all through the subtle waves of energy we emit into the ethers.

Much of what we have done for our Earth and each other hasn’t worked. But much of what we have done HAS worked, it just doesn’t make the news. This is why it’s essential to impart our knowledge, innovative technology, and blueprints for clean and healthy living with each other. Conservation and restoration works if we band together in effort to make it happen. During this divisive time politically and socially we must band together in unison to push ahead. We cannot stop now because much is at stake. We can do this, but we must work together. The path is not easy but it is worth the journey.

Shine your light fellow SOULdier. There is much work to do.

©Debbie Edwards

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