Today we welcome in the liberating energies of the New Moon in Aquarius, which Conjuncts the Sun in Aquarius, and Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon also Trines Mars in Gemini.

The visuals that come to mind are the birth of a new star in the galaxy, the brilliant glowing light from a lighthouse through the fog during a storm, and spontaneous road trip across country to a destination unknown. Today, we yearn for freedom not only from the confines of our comfort zones, but from what has kept us reserved from exploring deeper regions of consciousness within our higher selves.

We embrace evolution and innovation. We are invited to color outside of the lines of life, to step into uncharted territory, and ask questions we hadn’t even thought to ask before about why we’re here, what our soul mission is for, and how we can emancipate ourselves from the confines of this broken matrix. Perhaps in the process, we will recall memories from our past lives and future lives we developed amnesia from when we incarnated again.

We also have a separate but aligned Conjunction happening between Saturn and Venus, both in Aquarius as well. This may bring us new insights and epiphanies into karmic patterns, karmic partnerships, and karmic debts, that we are looking to close out and release from our energy. Dead cycles are ending. New cycles are beginning. We can expect amazing new opportunities, at the same time experience uncertainty and trepidation going forward. Getting out of our comfort zones and trusting in the process will help us transition into this next phase of growth.

Love, friendship, and companionship are all evolving. The Universe is asking us to think outside of the box in terms of freedom within commitments. We are growing as people, as souls, and collectively, consciously. Because of this, we are able to better understand each other through a new lens in which to view our interactions. The way we love is being upgraded. There is no room for haste, impulse, jealously, co-dependency, possessiveness, need for control, surveillance, or doubts that would otherwise confine us to a fear based style of love. To love others from a higher understanding and deeper soul space, means to love from a place that stretches beyond the limitation of death, separateness, and friction. This highlights Soulmate and Divine Counterpart Unions. We well understand that we can’t always be together. In order to evolve, sometimes we have to remain apart and grow individually, until we can align and become emotionally and spiritual coherent again. It’s a matter of energetic harmonics, and it can take thousands of lifetimes to sync up correctly for the long haul. That means, separation is merely understood as temporary rather than a permanence on the map of nonlinear time.

During this New Moon in Aquarius, we get to do something different in order to attain a different result. This has both abstract and mundane applications. We may see new breakthroughs in small things like how to perform a simple task at home that eliminates extra steps. Or this could pertain to study habits, and memorization techniques. In terms of medicine, health, and healing, we could see advancements make mainstream news. Or discoveries on the threshold of advancement may come to light. New natural species may be discovered, or even the simplest little thing about our own pets could change and evolve.

This is a time to dive deep into work on the Astral Planes, and test out our strengths and weaknesses regarding soul-to-soul communications outside of the five physical senses. Have we practiced our telepathy or dream visitations lately? What about working with verbal exercises in different types of speech or love languages that reach our friends and family more effectively? Even just changing our response time when engaging in conversation can shift the mood to help others feel more heard. Or taking pause when an answer isn’t immediately determined.

We could dive into learning new words from a foreign language, or reaching out and connecting with new friends who live in distant places. We can ask questions and learn about different cultural traditions or spiritual beliefs. We can explore spiritual teachings or fundamental beliefs that are outside of our sphere of influence. Embarking on new discovery will help us expand our perceptions and awareness of things we have not had prior exposure to before. And that can be life altering.

When we explore, we often suddenly realize that we have unintentionally kept ourselves in a small little bubble. And sometimes we develop narrow perspectives because of it, even if we don’t realize it. This applies to religion, spiritual teachings, ethnicity, race, gender, education, politics, societal structures, and so on. If we don’t look outside of ourselves and see the rest of the world, even if it’s just in a book or through a long-distance conversation, we’ll never be able to see life through the lens of someone else’s eyes. This is how we break down the barriers of opposition. This is how we change the me-versus-them attitude and recognize that it has always been a WE situation, just from different points of view. Fundamentally, we are all the same underneath. We all wear a meat suit over a carbon-based skeleton. We all live on the same rock hurling through space. We all are governed by the same needs of sustainability such as in the air we breathe, or the water we drink. We all consume the same resources to survive.

For the New Moon, we can work with the air element in a Shamanic journey, by inviting totem animals to join us in meditation or visualization work. Animals that take to the sky such as Sparrow, Mocking Bird, Raven, Hawk, Goose, and Finch are great companions for us. Animals that could be considered hybrid air dwellers who also dwell on the land or in the sea most of the time help us lift and ground simultaneously. Those of us who spend too much time overthinking, but need to utilize our minds to overcome obstacles, can benefit from working with these other totems. Animals such as the flying fish, flying squirrel, Grey Heron, Ostrich, Emu, Dolphin, Frog, Dragonfly, and Turkey are great examples.

Totem animals can be invited into our dreamtime as well. We can go to bed with an intention to dream about our chosen totem animal, and ask Spirit to provide us insight through them. This helps us connect with Mother Earth in a new way, and align us with the elevated energies of Aquarius for new self-reflection.

Don’t forget that New Moon’s are a perfect time to make Moon Water for ingestion, and manifesting all the goals you desire to reach!

Dream big my lovelies, and reach for the highest peaks that all of life has to offer. From that perspective we get to look out and see the big beautiful world below.

©Debbie Edwards

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