During physical Astral Projection, or Astral Travel, it’s not uncommon for us to perceive we are surrounded by fog or a “mist” while we are first exiting our body. This is caused by moving through a membrane of energy that bonds the physical 3D with the 4th and 5th dimensions. This membrane is but one of many in which we cross through when we travel beyond the veil of 3D consciousness.

Often this perception of mist is accompanied by a tingling sensation in the body, which can cluster or concentrate in the Chakras, especially Root and Sacral Chakras, as we exit our body. Some have reported an almost orgasmic sensation when this occurs, which to the untrained Traveler, can redirect the experience entirely.

Some report hearing a muffled crowd of people talking in which dialogue is unclear. Typically this is experienced with a sort of humming or buzzing sound in the ears. Or, sounds of symphonic music can be heard. Interestingly, the Clairaudient waves of music can be experienced when falling asleep too, before any deeper stages of Astral Travel occurs.

Entities, Spirits, and disembodied voices often linger in the Astral state in proximity to where people are Astral Projecting, but this can also be a paradox. Sometimes it’s merely our conscious attention to the Astral Realms that give us the perception of proximity with these energies, when in reality they are spread out. Most Entities are unaware of our presence when we leave our body but there are some that bear witness to us and gravitate closer to us. This can create a reaction of fear, trepidation, caution, or mistrust from the Traveler, feeling as though something is spying on them or trying to hurt them. But this is very normal as part of the process.

Some describe physical Astral Travel in tandem with Sleep Paralysis, while others describe it to be more gentle without dread or fear. This can vary wildly, since a lot of it depends on how often it occurs, as well as how early in life it developed. During a Sleep Paralysis episode, you’re aware of your surroundings but cannot move or speak. You can still move your eyes and breathe. And many times you can perceive your surroundings while you’re eyes are closed. Many people hear or see things that aren’t there which are clinically labeled as hallucinations, making episodes even more frightening. However, for those who work with the Spiritual planes outside of the 3D, it is well understood that these encounters with other energies during a Sleep Paralysis/ Astral Projection experience are a real occurrence and not just hallucinatory.

Once the soul travels fully outside of their physical body and passes through the energetic membrane, a sense of peace, quiet, and curiosity emerges. It’s not uncommon to test gravity and boundaries of matter, by traveling through walls, rising up outside of rooftops, or down through the ground. For those who are more experienced, travels may lead out into the Cosmos, beyond the Galaxy, through the Universe, or even across dimensions into other Astral Realms.

Some experiences lead the Astral Traveler to places where sensory experiences are expanded beyond the standard limitation of our physical 5 senses. An example would be feeling weightless, being able to fly at the speed of thought, or experiencing colors far beyond the standard limited colors we see from the visible light spectrum. For those who experience this more often, it is not uncommon afterwards to describe the colors on Earth to be dull, drab, or on a grey scale compared to the colors in these Astral realms.

When Astral Travel happens during sleep, it is common to have acute awareness of the bodies limited duration of REM sleep, which tends to pivot the Astral Traveler against a hurried notion that time is short. So, whatever traveling is to be done, must be done quickly before they’re recoiled back into their body. They know they only have moments to be out of body before they’re brought back.

Coming back into body is a bit of learning curve. If done too quickly, the body can go through an energetic turbulence, especially as the soul zips through the membrane quickly. This can cause a shaky feeling inside the body which is accompanied by being woken up abruptly. It can feel like being jarred awake, which can lead to feeling sluggish of clumsy throughout the day. Sometimes symptoms can linger.

Children are more apt to experience Astral Travel regularly up until puberty before the frequency of it wanes. In some instances, children maintain this ability into adulthood.

Sleeping on our back is more conducive to Astral Travel for those who want to do it intentionally. Meditating before hand, or working with visualizations can aid in the process. Using a countdown method or hypnosis can help as well.

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