At approximately 10:58am EST, June 21st, 2023, we welcome in the beautiful energies of the Summer Solstice. Also known as Litha, the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, and the official start of the summer season. It is the day we honor the old Gods associated with the Sun. We ask them for favor to help bless us with a bountiful crop, so we can put our energies towards gaining a fruitful harvest come fall.

What are we planting that we wish to yield later in life? Who or what are we pouring ourselves into, in order to grow and propagate new life? Have we learned how to reach deep into the soil of our hearts, so that we can rise to the apex of our souls calling?

The day of the Solstice, the Sacred Masculine energy of the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer, as we enter Cancer season. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which corresponds with the energy of the Sacred Feminine. Together, this beautiful harmonious union of Feminine and Masculine vibration offers us a precipice on which to stand in order to receive important messages from the Universe. This is a moment in which we can appreciate the balance of duality.

At the exact moment of the Solstice, the Moon will be in fiery Leo, which will be Conjunct to Venus in Leo! This is a wonderful energy for all hopeful romantics who are looking for courage to pursue love in all it’s beautiful forms. This also helps us get excited about all of the things we have love for, and all of the things we find passion to explore. Things that are important, that make us happy and feel alive, will cross our path. Love brings everything to life a little more. Colors become more vibrant. Music sounds more harmonic. And life tastes a little sweeter.

We can expect to be inspired as well as a bit restless too. For all my insomniacs out there, you might want to taper back on caffeine or things that keep you awake because this is bound to be a time of great brainstorming, idea generation, and desire to go do fun things already, which will be stimulating all on its own. We might not get a lot of sleep, but it will be worth it.

Saturn is going to play a big role during the time of the Solstice because it will be Quincunx to the Moon and Trine to the Sun. Saturn just stationed Retrograde in Pisces and won’t go direct again until November. This is a heavy energy, especially in dreamy Pisces. We are apt to experience some disappointment or feelings of deflation as we have to grapple with real world responsibilities when all we really want to do is sleep in, eat well, and enjoy the company of others. This could introduce a sense of depression, feeling overwhelmed, or just not aligned with our life goals like we thought we’d be by now.

Saturn reminds us that all work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy. But all play and no work can lead us to laziness, apathy, and boredom. We need challenges and strength training exercises to keep us on our toes. At significant milestones in our lives, we also need rites of passage to flesh us naked to the core of our true selves to see exactly what we are made of. This tests us to see if we can overcome important milestone challenges. We are stripped of all that doesn’t serve us, especially poor behaviors on our own part that we fell into over time. Cleanliness, good health practices, and tending to what needs our attention will be calling to us. We are invited to do better and be better than we have been.

We get to mature and develop the necessary skills we need to have in order to be successful during the next stages in life. Think of the trinity of the Triple Moon Goddess; the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Can we rise into the power of becoming our best selves? Can we embrace the Godhood and Godliness within our spiritual lifeforce? YES! With the bravery and encouragement of the Leo Moon, we can face whatever responsibilities lay ahead, so once Saturn goes direct in the fall, we can enjoy the many fruits of our spiritual labors! Saturn will remain in Pisces until May 2025.

What life lessons are we completing? What life lessons are we embarking on to begin new cycles? Saturn will be our disciplinarian and cosmic teacher. And the lessons he imparts unto us will matter greatly.

Saturn, the 6th planet from the Sun, also corresponds to our Crown Chakra, helping us receive guidance from our higher consciousness and Spirit. Illumination, self-discipline, and self-mastery are all subjects we will be invited to dive deeper into during this beautiful energizing Summer Solstice.

©Debbie Edwards

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