This evening, the Moon moves into gentle airy Libra, bringing her Venusian ruled energies to help us balance out any internal conflicts we may be feeling, so we can pause and find clarity.

We are learning how to make peace with the destructive chaotic energies within our lives, as the Moon Trines Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. We may feel a bit stoic, almost to a point of apathy or numbness. But sometimes this provides us the relief we’ve needed from any emotional outpouring that has left us emotionally taxed.

The Moon is also Trine to Uranus in Taurus, which creates an interesting power play for us. Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, so again we have this Venusian influence that helps us apply what we’ve learned from our heart space, in order to soften any rough edges of the unpredictability life is throwing at us. In a sense, we can emerge through a beautiful disaster with a new awareness and perspective that leads us out of the cycles we are closing.

Being that Venus is currently in Leo, we are offered a brave and courageous approach to all matters of the heart. We are passionate about our positions, especially if love is involved! We are more apt to step forward in a posture of defending and protecting those whom we love, especially from outer influences that may present danger or harm.

Between Pluto and Uranus, we have some unexpected and even possible volatile circumstances swirling around us but we don’t have to be pulled into drama if we know how to avoid the red flags. We do have to be careful however, because we still have that Mars Square Uranus issue, and that as well pushes an unpredictability and possible volatility into the ethers.

While we may not be personally at war with anyone or in conflict directly, we may feel that around us simply by being in proximity to other people’s hostility or temperamental flare ups. In this situation, it is best to remain centered, and perhaps even quiet, as we wait for these energies to subside. Keeping a distance can help us avoid being pulled into something we don’t belong in either.

With a Libra Moon however, this provides us a quiet stability, and we can utilize both diplomacy and measured responses to any tense situation.

Kindness goes a long way.

Venus is also Square to Uranus, so we could see people go that extra mile to prove their loyalty, love, and value to those who question it or challenge it. We may see folks come to the aid and defense of their loved ones, even if it means they are putting their health and safety at risk.

Venus and Mars both in Leo are still Conjunct to one another. Again we have this middle ground we can reach between peace and war, and this theme continues to play out in which people are standing up for whom and what they believe, even if it may cost them later on. The Libra Moon helps both parties mediate any tense situation, and find pathways to justice that are fair.

©Debbie Edwards

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