Palmistry, also referred to as Chiromancy, Palm Reading, Hand Reading, or Chirology is a divination practice in which the trained Palm Reader determines information about a person’s life by studying their palm lines, mounts, and fingers.

Regardless if a person is left or right hand dominant, it is customary to have the right palm read during a Palm Reading.

Throughout the years I discovered something quite profound, something that had been hidden in plain sight all along. After doing a full right hand Palm Reading, I instinctually switched to the left hand palm to acquire additional information for the client for reflection purposes. I realized in the beginning of my training many years ago, that both palms are almost always quite different. It is rare for them to be identical. In fact, if they are, there is something very specific to understand about that, which I’ll cover in a moment.

Pyrokinesis- the Art of Manipulating Fire by Psychical Ability

Pyrokinesis utilizes a psychokinetic ability of altering vibrational frequencies of the atomic structure of atoms by speeding them up which causes a chain reaction of temperature change. This reaction creates heat, and if enough heat occurs, an ignition of fire can be created. Similar to the way a magnifying glass can start a fire through just the right angel with a refraction of light from the sun, an adept is able to concentrate enough to increase vibration of the atomic energy into a point of light, in which ignition can be created at will in a specific way or specific location.

Pyrokinesis can also happen haphazardly though, and without intention. To un untrained person, manipulation of a fire already lit can be achieved, such as with moving a candle flame or even snuffing it out.