Many are leery or downright afraid to work with Kali Ma. Most of the information we find about her pertains to her wrathful side. But there is so much more to her than that. She did embody wrath, yes. But that is because she had reached her breaking point, and was fed up with the carnage she was witnessing. Her creation was literally sprung forth from the need to push back to reset the balance. Her story, or background, or whatever we choose to call it, is expansive and has several far reaching versions to it, all very intricate and fascinating to learn about.


Goddess Antheia is a wonderful Patron to draw upon for those who are seeking stillness, serenity, peace, kindness, and a return to innocence and youth in their lives. It is said that when she appears, some can smell the aroma of fresh floral fragrances, sweet honeysuckle, or dew drops of honey in the atmosphere.


Meet the Orisha Obba, the Goddess of Sacrifice in matters of love; venerator of fidelity, marital sanctity, the happiness of lovers, and protectress Warrior of children and devotees. She is a protectress from danger.

Obba is associated also with lakes, ponds, and rivers, where water is her natural element. She is named after the Obba River in Nigeria. In a triune together with Oya and Yewa Habita, they represent a trinity of Dying Goddesses who offer support and guardianship of the cemeteries, to assist and guide the spirits of the dead. This is very similar to the energies of the Haitian Death LWA/LOA, Maman Brigitte and her counterpart, Baron Samedi, who also support and guard the cemeteries, to assist and guide the spirits of the dead.


It has often been understood and taught that an initiate must first reach out to a specific Spirit, Entity, Totem, or Deity they wish to work with as their chosen Patron in order to pursue an alliance with them. But what is less often acknowledged is the more important occurrence in which Patrons choose their initiates first without being asked to. An invitation to become an initiate is extended from the Patron because they recognize their own attributes, coherence, and compatibility within the new adept, and want to help them or grow their reach within humanity. This could be to help them spread awareness, or offer them protection and guidance.

If we do feel ready to work with a Patron but haven’t felt their presence yet, we can ask them to appear and respond to us. We can invite them to make their presence known so that a relationship can develop. This is an important step that we often overlook when working with new energies. We cannot just expect protection or favors without earning it. A Patron represents those who emulate what they are known for. And this can extend beyond cultural, ethnic, or spiritual lineages.

Eir- Norse Goddess of Healing and Medicine

In Norse Mythology, Eir is known as the Goddess of Healing and Medicine, especially relating to Herbalism and Naturopathic Medicine in particular. It is questioned by some that she instead is a Valkyrie, and debate has raised questions as to whether or not she is one or the other, or, if the myths are describing two separate beings.

Eir is a Patron Deity of all of those who work in Medicine. Her name Eir (“EYE-eer”) translates to mean “help, mercy, clemency, and protection”, and her specialty is her skill with herbs. Simplified, her name means “healer”.