Night and day become equal unto each other as the Sun crosses the Equator from North to South. Simultaneously below the Equator, the Southern Hemisphere is welcoming their Spring Equinox, where new life is celebrated.

The Autumn Equinox sets a tone for equalizing light and shadow, and harmonizes the elements. Much like the Temperance Card, Two of Pentacles Card, and Justice Card in the Tarot, the theme here is one of balance and cooperation.

Sometimes considered the time of the Second Harvest or Full Harvest, we begin the process of storing food, reaping what we have sewn into the Earth, and preparing for the deep chilled slumber of Winter’s keep.

What Is Black Obsidian? Learn More About Obsidian’s Uses, Purpose, and Meaning

Black Obsidian is often known as the mirror stone, or the stone of truth. It is created when volcanic lava is submerged in water and cools rapidly. Smooth structureless pieces are formed that have an incredible reflective luster, allowing you to see your reflection.

Black Obsidian has been found all over the world. Ancient cultures used this stone to make arrows and spearheads, knives, and other cutting tools. In more recent times it has even been crafted into fine bladed scalpels, although they are not approved for surgical use in humans.

Flower of Jericho, The Magic Plant

Looking for a lucky charm and a bit of real magic in your life? The flower of Jericho is the wand to your wizard, black cat to your broom, and crystal ball to the gypsy caravan. This, “magic plant” has been revered by many different cultures and the plant is both symbolic and steeped in legend.