Our thoughts and emotions radiate out into the ethers that surround us. They become the space junk that oscillates and collects in our spiritual atmosphere. Eventually when we die, that radiation becomes the density upon which we have to pass through in order to make the voyage to the other side. If our thoughts are violent, it is violence we must pass through. If it is compassion, it is compassion we must pass through. Even if we weaponize love, and commit crimes against others out of the self-imposed duty of love, it becomes self-righteousness we must pass through. We determine our terms of engagement. We leave behind the mine field we must navigate, that we had deceived ourselves to believe was meant for others.


Often referred to as the Hat Man, Shadow Figure, or Humanoid Black Mass, a Shadow Person is typically described as a very tall, solid black figure, that is typically in the form of a humanoid type of entity. The do not have a face, although sometimes arms and fingers are noticeable. They are seen arching in contorted stances but are not especially animated. They linger, and hover higher than a person would stand, often in the corner of a room, or at the end of a hallway. Some people describe them being eight feet or taller in height, and sometimes appear as tall as the ceiling of a room. Their size grows over time. Their lower body tends to morph into a solid black mass that blends in with, and bleeds into, the space they are occupying. So it’s mostly the torso and head that appear in human like form.