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Debbie Edwards– Senior Editor and Creator of Metavisionaries.com.

Debbie is an International Psychic Medium, Author, Artist, Designer, CEO Entrepreneur, and Sponsored Media Content Broadcaster. With well over 20 years’ experience, Debbie offers private sessions, workshops and galleries all over the world.

Debbie’s services include Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Palmistry, Tarot, Medical Intuitive Assessments, Dream Interpretations, Psychometry, End of Life/Crossing Over Services, Crystal Readings, Remote Viewing of residential and commercial properties to assess Spirit Activity, House Blessings, and Ritual Ceremonies.

Debbie is the founder and CEO of several online ecommerce stores; Gypsy Dreamer Designs, Journal Express, and Cheeky Banter, where she features her exclusive brands of thousands of products including her lines of apparel and novelties, metaphysical altar supplies, and home decor. She is a gem and herb wholesaler, supplying retail shops across the country with premium products for mind/body/spirit and metaphysical themes.

Debbie is the author of a workshop book, Voices Speak- A Beginner’s Guide to Spirit Communication. Debbie is a former content contributor and columnist for Bellesprit Magazine, and many other print and news media publications. She is an Astrology content writer with regular publications on Moon signs. Debbie is currently writing her book, The Twelve Love Languages of Venus. The publication date is yet to be determined.

Debbie is the illustrator and creator of several exclusive indie Oracle Card Decks, including the Samsara Oracle, Whispering Whimsy Oracle, Secret Confessions Oracle, Call of the Wild Horse Oracle, and Runic Wayfinder Oracle.