Embracing Significant Change with Jupiter in Retrograde, June 20, 2021

Jupiter, the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our Solar System, represents expansion. This expansion is supported by the energies of optimism, good fortune, blessings, a higher understanding of all of life’s lessons, growth, and opportunity. It truly is a planet of abundance for all that we need, shaving off all that we think we want but won’t benefit from in the end. Jupiter tells us to think “big” for ourselves!

Sunday June 20th, 2021, Jupiter moves into a retrograde position in the sign of Pisces. It’s important to note that Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces, and this retrograde will stronger emphasize its characteristics. Retrograde will shift into the sign of Aquarius July 18th, where it will conclude its retrograde period on October 18th. This is an incredible opportunity on several fronts and almost as if by grand design, Jupiter will stir things up for us, to help us end up right where we belong.