Mirrors are often revered in magical workings for their capability of opening portals into other dimensions, the spirit world, and realms beyond our understanding. While it may seem like a tale out of dark folklore, and the substance of spooky campfire stories, there is historical and quantum context to the claims.


Our thoughts and emotions radiate out into the ethers that surround us. They become the space junk that oscillates and collects in our spiritual atmosphere. Eventually when we die, that radiation becomes the density upon which we have to pass through in order to make the voyage to the other side. If our thoughts are violent, it is violence we must pass through. If it is compassion, it is compassion we must pass through. Even if we weaponize love, and commit crimes against others out of the self-imposed duty of love, it becomes self-righteousness we must pass through. We determine our terms of engagement. We leave behind the mine field we must navigate, that we had deceived ourselves to believe was meant for others.


Speaking in terms of Numerology, many recognize the number 2022 as 222 which is considered an angelic number. 222 connects us to the angelic realm so that we may divine messages from our angelic guides to help us along our life’s journey. 222 is also considered a dual set of numbers of 2 + 22; 2 being recognized as a number of teamwork, friendship, partnership, and cooperation. We see the number 2 in the Tarot to reflect two working as one, or two meeting to conjoin with each other. 2 in the Tarot can also represent opposing forces or opposing ideas, emotions, and positions. This can be both an energy of light or shadow. And how we experience it will depend on how we perceive the experience.

Master number 22 is recognized as an energy of the builder, manifester, and amplifier. The original Hebrew Alphabet consisted of 22 letters, symbolizing many things from creation to eternity. The circular shape reflects the emphasis of the unending of the soul through creation, life and death, and rebirth. There is no ending without new beginnings, and the energy of transition is emphasized. We celebrate the great wheel of life. Master number 22 reminds us we must use our power carefully. We are at the helm of great beginnings and endings, which can be influenced and altered by our intentions and actions.


Today December 28th, the Moon moves into watery Scorpio. This is a bit of tempered emotional energy which is really good compared to most water Moons which often trigger deep sorrows, insecurities, emotions currents of dreamy love or moody bouts of depression and anger. This Scorpio Moon for the most part will feel magical, and may even inspire new ideas and concepts about love, partnerships, and spiritual passions! This is because the Moon will be surrounded by very grounding energies of multiple Capricorn placements, and airy Aquarius placements. Pragmatism and analytical thought will dominate the chances of any volatility for the most part.

Make no mistake however, Venus Retrograde in Capricorn could have us ping ponging with the Scorpio Moon to evaluate past loves, past heartbreaks, and emerging conclusions about why we have to protect ourselves emotionally. And if this happens, we could see unhealed wounds take central focus, especially since we’re still in the long haul of Chiron in Aries. Chiron, the wounded healer, has a lot of intense things to say about who did what to us. Can we let it go and move on? Can we let the dead things die off and end the cycle? Victim mentality could either drown and burn us, or it doesn’t even have to be given enough power to hold sway. We are only victims if we choose to be.


The Moon has entered the sign of Scorpio and will ping pong in a powerful way with the Sagittarius Sun and Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces for the next couple of days before the New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse comes on December 4th, 2021.

Over the next couple of days we will be invited to work with our wounded inner self regarding sexual development, sexual health, and ideas about sexual expression. Those who have experienced abuse or strict oppression will find a renewed sense of liberation! This is a magical time in which we get to come out of our shell and embrace our sensual divinity.


The Moon will be moving into the fire sign of Aries on Monday, at the same time the Moon will be squared off with Venus in Capricorn. This energy will activate Chiron Retrograde in Aries through a billowing surge of intensity. We will still have some additional intense energies swirling from other celestial happenings too, so this particular Moon may blaze through to add gasoline to the fire. Don’t worry though, and don’t be afraid. In one hand you hold the match. You don’t have to strike it on anything because in the other hand, you hold the pail of water that can extinguish this fire by the influences of our watery Scorpio sun. Love heals many wounds, if we can transmute the pain of our scars.

What will help us here is perspective. We may not be able to control what people do or say to us, but we can control how we respond.


When someone concentrates heavily enough on a task, especially if there are any emotions attached to it like enjoyment, excitement, frustration, or sorrow, it can transfer to other people even in small subtle ways. This is what I like to describe as shared attention. Our attention goes to what their attention is already on. This subtle coherence or assimilation can also be easily interrupted though too since it doesn’t belong to us in the first place. If we already have our attention elsewhere, we likely won’t be receptive to the streams of attention other people are projecting. But if we are open and receptive, then what is around us can become part of us.

When we pay close attention to our thoughts, especially when it leads to behaviors or actions that are out of character for us, it is likely coming from something else other than ourselves. The key is to observe, not absorb. This is most important for people who are naturally telepathically receptive to their environment, especially in haunted or spiritually active locations. The most receptive people can easily become influenced by Spirits or Entities that have a dominant energy. So self protection, self observation, and careful monitoring of our internal dialogue and thoughts are important. This helps us discern what is ours and what isn’t.


To an Empath, other people’s energy transmissions can feel like an assault, invasion of space, and cause a sensory overload that unravels critical balance in a backward spiral of thoughts and emotions. It becomes difficult to tell what is theirs versus what belongs to other people. Invasive thought patterns and unsettling emotions can send an Empath on a roller coaster of confusion, depression, anger, and instability. This is not mental illness. This is not a phase of “crazy”. This is a bi-product and set of symptoms that occur when an Empath’s Auric Field is too open.

An Auric Field, or Energetic Body, is an energy field outside of the human body that is comprised of seven layers of energy. These layers hold different vibrational signatures individually which correspond to specific systems within us such as our physical body, emotional body, organs, Chakras, and spiritual body. Collectively, they can align vibrationally for specific purposes, or involuntarily during a response to encounters with strong transmissions of electromagnetic energies. Our Auric Field not only transmits energetic information outward, but it also receives and interacts with transmissions of energy projected onto it by others. For an Empath, these energetic exchanges can be intensified compared to other people. This is because of the nature of their Auric Field being energetically more “available” or “open”. Think of it like a widely woven fishing net compared to a tightly woven sheet of cheesecloth. More energetic information and foreign energy signatures breach the protective layers of the Auric Field easier, and can penetrate the subtle bodies. Once this occurs, two reactions typically happen. Either the person rejects the foreign energies, or, assimilates to them.


There will be times in which your guides in Spirit or Ancestors will prompt you to just wait, not make a move, and hold your position right after you’ve been given instructions to make a move. It’s like being told to hurry up and wait! There is something to be said for stillness and that’s because it has to do with critical phases of timing for everything predicted to fall into place accordingly. Sometimes it could be to help us prevent making a big mistake, especially if we misinterpret a sign or assignment. Other times it could be because the people involved in our movement aren’t holding up their end of the commitment or plan with their soul contracts. And if we ignore those promptings, we could put ourselves in their lives much too soon before they’re ready for us. This is one of the biggest ways in which we sabotage connections. When we are in pursuit of attracting new counterparts or soulmates into our lives, we might be put on hold simply because the other person or people are not rising to the state of action in their own lives to meet us half way. Essentially, they’re dragging their feet and won’t be in the right place at the right time to connect with us. So, we must honor the instructions or instinct to just sit and wait until it’s time to make a move again.


It has often been understood and taught that an initiate must first reach out to a specific Spirit, Entity, Totem, or Deity they wish to work with as their chosen Patron in order to pursue an alliance with them. But what is less often acknowledged is the more important occurrence in which Patrons choose their initiates first without being asked to. An invitation to become an initiate is extended from the Patron because they recognize their own attributes, coherence, and compatibility within the new adept, and want to help them or grow their reach within humanity. This could be to help them spread awareness, or offer them protection and guidance.

If we do feel ready to work with a Patron but haven’t felt their presence yet, we can ask them to appear and respond to us. We can invite them to make their presence known so that a relationship can develop. This is an important step that we often overlook when working with new energies. We cannot just expect protection or favors without earning it. A Patron represents those who emulate what they are known for. And this can extend beyond cultural, ethnic, or spiritual lineages.