Uses of Rose Petals to Mend a Broken Heart and Realign Your Heart Chakra

Roses can mend a broken heart, aid in the recovery of a cold, and make your skin look more youthful. If you ever find yourself day-dreaming about taking a bath with rose petals, it’s because it’s in your ancestry. Roses have symbolic, metaphysical and medicinal properties that have been a part of the human existence since ancient civilization. Some of the women who have been treasured as the most beautiful, mysterious and appealing were lovers of the rose. These women understood the quiet healing properties these beautiful flowers possessed on a cosmic level.

What is Vervain? Learn About Its History and Uses

If you are a fan of the recent pop culture trend regarding vampires, you’ve probably heard of Vervain. In the Vampire Diaries, Vervain, that grew at the base of a White Oak Tree, was used as protection from the local vampires. Amazingly, the television writers weren’t that far off. Vervain is an ancient plant that was once used to ward off witches and evil spirits.
Ironically, witches also revered Vervain, often using it in their magic, including love potions. This is a practice that was continued by many rural folk healers in America. Witches also used Vervain in wine on Samhain to help contact their dearly departed loved ones.
Many cultures considered Vervain to be a sacred plant. The Egyptians believed Vervain to be the tears of Isis who grieved for the god Osiris.