To make Moon Water, it’s important to first know what you want to do with it. If you plan to ingest it the next day, you’ll want to take a jar, glass, or container of distilled, filtered, or spring water, and set it outside to soak up the lunar energies of the Full Moon. Do not use plastic. Glass is best but ceramic works as well. Metal can be conducive to EMF’s, which can influence and alter the molecular structure of your water. So, it’s best to use glass if possible.


In an attempt to raise the collective consciousness and vibration of the planet to welcome in the New Earth, adepts eventually reach a state of grace in which they are able to perceive new aspects of causation towards suffering, digression of spiritual growth by the amnesia caused during human incarnation birthing cycles, and newfound options toward sustaining momentum of transfiguration while still alive in the material plane. The adept discovers that a key component to ascension relies on willingly choosing to abandon reincarnation altogether, while simultaneously remaining invested in the evolution of the human collective. This balancing act rarely reaches a point of success because everything protecting the construct of the system tries to stop her.


Our mind is a sacred garden, at times infiltrated by entities who aim to pilfer the precious reserves of our energy; our energy being the soul spark that is the seat of our existence. These entities can be organic, inorganic, mechanized, or artificial in consciousness. Do we have what it takes to discern the difference between them during our encounters? Do we have the clarity to know when we are being predated upon? Can we employ antiparasitic measures to free ourselves from the many things that leach on our thoughts, energy, and emotion?


When someone concentrates heavily enough on a task, especially if there are any emotions attached to it like enjoyment, excitement, frustration, or sorrow, it can transfer to other people even in small subtle ways. This is what I like to describe as shared attention. Our attention goes to what their attention is already on. This subtle coherence or assimilation can also be easily interrupted though too since it doesn’t belong to us in the first place. If we already have our attention elsewhere, we likely won’t be receptive to the streams of attention other people are projecting. But if we are open and receptive, then what is around us can become part of us.

When we pay close attention to our thoughts, especially when it leads to behaviors or actions that are out of character for us, it is likely coming from something else other than ourselves. The key is to observe, not absorb. This is most important for people who are naturally telepathically receptive to their environment, especially in haunted or spiritually active locations. The most receptive people can easily become influenced by Spirits or Entities that have a dominant energy. So self protection, self observation, and careful monitoring of our internal dialogue and thoughts are important. This helps us discern what is ours and what isn’t.


There will be times in which your guides in Spirit or Ancestors will prompt you to just wait, not make a move, and hold your position right after you’ve been given instructions to make a move. It’s like being told to hurry up and wait! There is something to be said for stillness and that’s because it has to do with critical phases of timing for everything predicted to fall into place accordingly. Sometimes it could be to help us prevent making a big mistake, especially if we misinterpret a sign or assignment. Other times it could be because the people involved in our movement aren’t holding up their end of the commitment or plan with their soul contracts. And if we ignore those promptings, we could put ourselves in their lives much too soon before they’re ready for us. This is one of the biggest ways in which we sabotage connections. When we are in pursuit of attracting new counterparts or soulmates into our lives, we might be put on hold simply because the other person or people are not rising to the state of action in their own lives to meet us half way. Essentially, they’re dragging their feet and won’t be in the right place at the right time to connect with us. So, we must honor the instructions or instinct to just sit and wait until it’s time to make a move again.


It has often been understood and taught that an initiate must first reach out to a specific Spirit, Entity, Totem, or Deity they wish to work with as their chosen Patron in order to pursue an alliance with them. But what is less often acknowledged is the more important occurrence in which Patrons choose their initiates first without being asked to. An invitation to become an initiate is extended from the Patron because they recognize their own attributes, coherence, and compatibility within the new adept, and want to help them or grow their reach within humanity. This could be to help them spread awareness, or offer them protection and guidance.

If we do feel ready to work with a Patron but haven’t felt their presence yet, we can ask them to appear and respond to us. We can invite them to make their presence known so that a relationship can develop. This is an important step that we often overlook when working with new energies. We cannot just expect protection or favors without earning it. A Patron represents those who emulate what they are known for. And this can extend beyond cultural, ethnic, or spiritual lineages.


Often referred to as the Hat Man, Shadow Figure, or Humanoid Black Mass, a Shadow Person is typically described as a very tall, solid black figure, that is typically in the form of a humanoid type of entity. The do not have a face, although sometimes arms and fingers are noticeable. They are seen arching in contorted stances but are not especially animated. They linger, and hover higher than a person would stand, often in the corner of a room, or at the end of a hallway. Some people describe them being eight feet or taller in height, and sometimes appear as tall as the ceiling of a room. Their size grows over time. Their lower body tends to morph into a solid black mass that blends in with, and bleeds into, the space they are occupying. So it’s mostly the torso and head that appear in human like form.

Anointing, Protecting, and Nourishing with the Sacred Tamarisk Tree of the Middle East

Throughout the centuries, the Tamarisk tree has become known as a tree for pilgrims to provide them shelter, shade, and safety. It is a guiding light and beacon of hope for all weary travelers.

In Egyptian occult studies, it is said that the Egyptian God, Wepwawet, called the son of Isis, who’s name translates to mean “the opener of the ways (the roads), is thought of as the messenger and champion of royalty. Wepwawet is associated with the canine and is paired to the Tamarisk tree as part of his symbols of royalty.

Connect With Your Spirit Guide by Using These Techniques

We are all equipped with the innate ability to communicate with one another and our
environment using a language of energy beyond the veil of our five physical senses of Taste, Touch, Hearing, Smelling, and Seeing with our physical body. Our innate ability also includes communicating with those in the Spirit world such as our Guides and departed Loved Ones. So, whether or not you have experience with Spirit
Communication or are just curious and want to explore this further, this tutorial is for you!

Circle of Protection

If you have felt vulnerable to dark thoughts, negativity being projected onto you by
others, or just felt blah, doing a circle of protection can really help you shed those dark
clouds which can offer you clarity going forward. Think of a rainstorm that happens in
the forest. From afar, fog can build up which limits the view. The rain is dreary, cold, and
unsettling. Doing a circle of protection acts as rays of sunlight to cut through the fog and
lift the density which provides a clear view for a longer distance.